Mini Donkeys

Our Mini Donkeys are affectionate, extremely intelligent and a joy to own

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Mini Donkeys

Our two WhyNot Farm locations in North Carolina and Tennessee are very proud owners of a small herd of mini donkeys. So comical and cute, these little creatures are gentle, affectionate and by nature people loving. Not only are they ever so playful, they develop lasting bonds with people. Mini Donkeys are also considered to have a superior intelligence to all other farm animals, with thinking and reasoning skills. They are also very easily trained. The average height of a mini donkey is 36″ and under, which makes them handled with ease by adults and children. Average life span is about 25-35 years.

Why Mini Donkeys?

There are a variety of reasons to own mini donkeys, which include:

  • Easily trainable and can be led to pull a cart with children or adults
  • They bring fun wherever they go; County fairs, schools, nursing homes, birthday parties and more
  • Therapeutic – some mini donkeys are registered therapy animals bring joy to terminally ill and sick children and veterans

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