Red Devon Grass Fed Cattle

Excellent for cross-breeding and added health benefits

About Red Devon Cattle

Our two WhyNot Farm locations in North Carolina and Tennessee raise & breed Red Devon grass fed cattle.  Red Devon is a heritage breed brought to America in 1623 by the pilgrims from Devonshire, England. Nancy and Bill Walker, in cooperation with two several other Devon breeders, are importing embryos from the United Kingdom to broaden the traditional genetic base of the Devon breed in America by utilizing genetics that have been in England for over 2000 years.

For the meat market, we have steers that exhibit excellent marbling and are raised to about 1100 pounds before slaughter. Our cattle are grass-fed, grass-finished, and receive no animal products or GMOs, nor is any hormone therapy administered. We practice rotational grazing where animals are moved to new sections of pasture on a regular basis.

Benefits of Grass Fed
Red Devon Cattle

  • Great for raising and breeding in that Red-Devon Cattle have short calving periods, fast weight gain and maturity rate, good temperaments and longevitity
  • Maintenance benefits include great mothering and milking abilities
  • Our grass-fed diet produces high quality beef that is rich in flavor and balanced between fat and meat, with added nutritional benefits than that of corn-fed beef and lower in fat but rich in omega-3 fatty acids and cancer-fighting antioxidants


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What makes our
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All of our animals are USDA inspected,
raised on pasture, 100% All Natural and Grass Fed.
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