Meet our Rare, Grassfed and Gourmet PASTURED BREEDS

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About Our Breeds

Raising heirloom breeds on pasture is what everybody used to do – but few do it now. Raising animals on pasture is more work than industrial production methods. Our animals that run around all day grow more slowly than their brethren who are raised in confinement. But our animals live happy lives in our pastures and woods and are healthy, beautiful animals!

Mini Donkeys

Our Mini Donkeys are affectionate, lovable and gentle creatures. They are wonderful pets for children and adults alike, and a perfect pet for people who don't have space for a larger animal.
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North American Cashmere Goats

Our North American Cashmere Goats are a dual purpose animal that provide not only fiber but also meat. These are good for beginner or experienced farmers, and their coats lend to a beautiful cashmere fiber.
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Red Devon Grass Fed Cattle

One of the oldest breeds in America, yet their grass-fed diet produce a high quality beef with superior nutritional advantages that include heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids and cancer fighting antioxidants.
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