Breeding alpacas for their fine fiber to create beautiful yarn, roving and felt.

About WhyNot Farm Alpacas

Our two WhyNot Farm locations in North Carolina and Tennessee are proud to be the owners of a herd of roughly 40 alpaca. We breed them for their fine fiber, which we process into beautiful yarn, roving and felt. Alpacas are gentle, curious animals that are quite intelligent. They graze on our pastures and watch with curiosity all the comings and goings on the farm. Alpacas are raised by a variety of people including breeders, fibre producers, farmers, people looking for a sustainable lifestyle and by people who really just love alpacas and want beautiful animals in their pastures. If bred, a dam will give birth to one cria after an 11 month gestation period.

Benefits of Raising Alpaca

  • Alpacas have beautiful coats that lend to beautiful fleece for use in production of yarn and apparel to tapestries and blankets
  • Longevity – generally they live 15-20 years with the longest lifespan being 27 years
  • Very gentle and quiet – they don’t bite or butt like other livestock
  • Easy maintenance and require little pasture and food
  • Easily trainable

Request Information on Breeding & Purchasing Alpacas

We have some handsome sires in our herd, and offer stud services to your animal or to one you might be interested in purchasing from us. We also sell animals from our herd periodically. If you are interested in purchasing an alpaca, or would like to learn more about the alpaca lifestyle, please contact Heather using our contact us form.

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What makes our
animals so special?

All of our animals are USDA inspected,
raised on pasture, 100% All Natural and Grass Fed.
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