North American Cashmere Goats

Producing the Finest Fibers

About WhyNot Farm North American Cashmere Goats

Our WhyNot Farm in Tennessee raises and breeds North American Cashmere Goats. Cashmere goats are relatively new to the United States, with over 60% of the world’s cashmere being produced in the East. Cashmere goats were imported into the US from Australian in the late 80s and are a new and rising industry.

Cashmere goats are easy to raise, healthy and take minimal care. Because of their luxurious coats that offer insulation, minimal shelter is required. They shed these coats in the summer. The fibers of cashmere goats coats are used in making cashmere, a very soft fabric that has been preferred by royalty down through the ages. Cashmere fabric is very soft, warm, long-wearing, softer than wool and also outwears wool.

Benefits of Cashmere Goats

Other than being raised for their fine fibers, cashmere goats have additional breeding benefits

  • Produce goat’s milk and cheese and meat
  • Low maintenance – goats eat a little of everything, including grass, leaves, weeds, bark, pine needles and brush
  • Strong  – can be trained to pull small carts or packs
  • Playful and personable – providing companionship and entertainment to the home
  • Security – goats will often bleat out intruders
  • Promote sustainability and self-sufficiency
  • Friendly with other animals

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