Benefits of Locally Grown Food

Not only are our hydroponics produce fresh and pesticide-free, but local food is also essential to helping people to live a strong and healthy lifestyle.

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Did you know locally grown food is not only better for you, but also has environmental benefits?

There’s a new rise in the food shopping industry, and its called sourcing locally grown food for your dishes and recipes. The most common definition of locally grown food is produce and food grown within 100 miles of your location. But what are the benefits of purchasing locally grown food, and are there any? The answer is yes, actually quite a few.

  • Benefit of knowing where your food comes from. More and more people want to know where their food has come from. The result of knowing where your food comes from is a connection to the food and a raised awareness of what you are putting into your body.
  • Locally grown fruits and produce are grown in season and are healthier and have a longer shelf life. Imported foods are usually picked early and may be allowed to ripen using ethylene gas to speed up the process. Because local farms do not use these methods to speed up ripening, locally grown produce yields a longer shelf life.
  • Less Pesticides. Local farmers tend to use fewer chemicals and pesticides than large industrial farms.
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions. Buying local produce reduces travel emissions produced by reducing food miles, or the distance food travels from farm to consumer. On average, a piece of produce will travel 1,500 miles before it gets to the end consumer.
  • Better Taste. Fresh food that is picked at the peak of its freshness results in the best taste.
  • More Variety. Local farmers tend to offer more variety  that you may not find in the average supermarket.
  • Helps the Local Economy.  In buying local food, you are helping to keep your local businesses running.

Our WhyNot Farm in Chuckey, TN is proud to offer fresh, locally grown and pesticide-free produce. If you are a business looking to source fresh grown produce, contact us today to discuss your order.

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