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About WhyNot Farms
About WhyNot Farms
About WhyNot Farms
About WhyNot Farms

About WhyNot Farm

We are a family of relatively new farmers, raising food in a sustainable and healthy way for ourselves and our community.

Our family farm is located in Chuckey, TN and is a mix of pasture and hardwoods.  Our hydroponic vegetables are grown using solar power and water which comes from the Appalachian Mountain range, a short five miles away.  Our animals are healthy & happy, graze on our pastures,  and forage on the forest floor.

We raise grass-fed Red Devon beef cattle and poultry for eggs and meat. We also raise North American cashmere goats and Mini-Silky Fainting Goats. We also have a herd of mini-donkeys which we are training for use in an Animal Assisted Therapy program to help children with autism.

In the Family:
Baba Looey

Meet Baba Looey, our WhyNot Farm donkey who is not only our farm mascot but also the farm super model. He helps make our visitors feel welcome and their farm visit enjoyable.

In the Family:
The Guardians

We have four livestock guardians (Great Pyrenees) – two at each farm. Our Guardian dogs are the farm pals who help keep watch of all of our animals. They are soft and lovable, but really do their job well.

What makes our
animals so special?

All of our animals are USDA inspected,
raised on pasture, 100% All Natural and Grass Fed.
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Call us today at (336) 202-9694 to set up an appointment to visit one of our locations.